Installing Mint on an iMac as a second operating system

Does anyone know how to install Linux mint on an iMac as a second operating system? I need the Mac OS for work reasons. So how do I set up mint as an alternate os at boot?

Hey @wwg1wgajoe and welcome to the forums!
What year is your iMac from? The reason I’m asking is that since 2018, Apple introduced the T-2 chip, which will make the process a bit different.
You could boot into the macOS, select the apple icon on the top left and select “About this Mac” and please attach the window info so that I get a good idea of the specs. Thank you!

It’s a 2013 iMac

16GB RAM combo flash HDD drive at 1 TB



Anytime @wwg1wgajoe!
The following article has a very good, step-by-step process as to how you can dual-boot your system. It’s for an older version of Ubuntu, but since your iMac is a 2013 version, it will work as well.

I assume this works for Linux mint also?

Linux Mint is Ubuntu derrived, so it’s the same architecture. :slight_smile: