Installing Linux on HP Compaq 6000

I am trying to install Ubuntu 22.04 on an old HP Compaq 6000. I created the bootable USB successfully. Continuing on, I am able to get to the USB boot up command however, no connection to the USB is happening. Any thoughts?

Can you boot from it on another device to verify it’s working? It should just launch a LiveCD and you can shutdown and remove with no alterations made.

Have you checked the BIOS to ensure a setting for “Boot from USB” is enabled as well as the boot order, place USB ahead of ssd/hdd? An empty USB or no found boot information would just drop it to the internal drive.


Thanks for offering your guidance. I actually gave up for time being and tried another old (2005) Dell Dimension desk-top. It worked! However, given it’s age it took a much longer time than my Lenovo ThinkPad.

RE: the HP. Yes, was able to get to the BIOS and change the setting. After having success with the Dell, I got to thinking that maybe I wasn’t giving it enough time to read the USB. The HP in question is rather slow as well. I was going to give it another try tomorrow.
Thanks again!

Update: No luck getting Linux on this computer…yet. It would be nice but may have to give up.

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