Installation on surface pro

I am trying to install Ubuntu on surface pro 2. I am trying to install.
The surface pro won’t boot from disc. Says media not found. Have tried to boot from multiple flashes. Any suggestions

Are you following a recipe or guide to install Ubuntu?

If you’re trying to install Ubuntu on a Surface Pro 2 and encountering issues with booting from a disc or USB flash drive, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Verify boot order: Make sure that the Surface Pro 2 is set to boot from the disc or USB drive first. You can usually access the boot order settings by pressing a specific key (such as F12 or Esc) during startup. Check the user manual or Microsoft’s support website for instructions specific to the Surface Pro 2.

  2. Check the installation media: Ensure that the Ubuntu installation media (disc or USB drive) is properly created and functional. In this case, you mentioned using balenaEtcher. Confirm that the Ubuntu image was flashed to the USB drive correctly using balenaEtcher.

  3. Try different USB ports: If you’re using a USB flash drive, try different USB ports on the Surface Pro 2. Some USB ports might have different compatibility or power capabilities, which could affect the boot process.

  4. Check secure boot settings: Surface devices often have a “Secure Boot” feature that protects the system from unauthorized operating systems. Access the UEFI/BIOS settings and disable Secure Boot temporarily to see if it resolves the issue. Remember to enable it again after the installation is complete for security purposes.

  5. Use a different bootable media: If you’re still unable to boot from the current installation media, try creating a fresh bootable USB drive using a different tool or software. For example, you can use Rufus or UNetbootin to create a bootable Ubuntu USB drive.

  6. Check compatibility: Ensure that the version of Ubuntu you’re trying to install is compatible with the Surface Pro 2 hardware. Visit the Ubuntu website or community forums to verify compatibility and find any specific instructions or workarounds for installing Ubuntu on Surface Pro 2.

A few people have reported having success installing on surface pro 2’s here in the forums over the past few years, so it -can- be done.