Info on how to install Brother PT-1500 PC (label printer - super versatile) for Linux Mint??

Also, the Brother Editor (wide range of type faces for the labels)

was curious … so I looked around a bit … Mobile Deploy | List of Special Software Provided by Brother | Information for Developers | Brother … if you scroll down a bit it talks about Android… which is based on linux What Distro are you using?

I am using Mint Cinnamon 21.3.

You might try shutting the computer all the way down … plug in the PT1500 … make sure the power is on the printer and reboot the system … connect to the internet then open a terminal and then do a > sudo apt update < … followed by > sudo apt upgrade < …when it is finished see if it being recognized by the computer … this has worked for me

Mint is very powerful and this will likely get the printer going.

If you do have further issues, Brother has a great website and does support Linux, so you will likely find the drivers there if you need them.