In person website help: Phoenix, AZ

I’m not sure if this is the right place for this request, but I’m looking for someone in the Phoenix, AZ (Ahwatukee area) who would be willing to meet up with me to help me get set up to build my business websites on Linux. It’s mostly done, but my conservative web host is sending me instructions on how to configure my secondary and subdomains apart from my main domain, and I’m simply either not understanding his instructions or I cannot figure out where to implement them.

For a little more background, his company is Media Serve, he’s using epanel and Kopage is the website builder. I’ve already got a great start on building my site, and now I’m working on secondary domains to link out to… Following his instructions should be super easy for someone who understands Linux and has even a basic understanding of website development. I’m just not getting it…

I’d be happy to pay this person for their time, or buy them coffee or lunch or a gift card—I just need some help asap so I can get my business started. If any can help, please let me know!

Did you get this resolved? Not sure what you’re looking to do but I do have a little knowledge on web site hosting as well as on developing web sites (in a past life, LOL).

I’m not local to you but you can private message me on this forum. If I can help I’ll do so at no charge.

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