Importing email into thunderbird

Hi everybody, I have an exported email box from a macbook pro and would like to import it into thunderbird but so far I haven’t found a way to do it does anybody have an idea how I can do it? The import option in thunderbird doesn’t even let me go look for it. I’m not sure if this can be done but obviously the answer is no if you don’t ask.

I’d recommend that you check do a web search for that kind of answer, like I just did, as seen below. You’re more likely to find detailed, relevant answers that way. But people may be able to add additional info or personal experiences.

I appreciate your attempt at help, however I did try searching for a solution before asking the question here, and got pretty much the same results you did, however as stated in the original question, when I use the import tab under tools, I am not given the option to go find the exported file I want to import.

@rlegarra I was just looking at the Import function of Thunderbird and it provides a message at the top of its pop up that reads:

“This wizard will import mail messages, address book entries, feed subscriptions, preferences, and/or filters from other mail programs and common address book formats into Thunderbird.”

So I suspect that it found nothing like that on your system to import.

Many people use Thunderbird to link to online accounts like Google and others. Thunderbird can access those accounts, from account info you provide to Thunderbird, and read their data in Thunderbird. That works especially well for IMAP mail accounts. As long as you had that account, you could read from it and write to it in Thunderbird.

I’m thinking that you might also be able to link to that account and also download that data into Thunderbird, keeping the data locally. And, perhaps later, close that online account, but still have what you downloaded from it in your local Thunderbird files.

I’m not certain of that, but it’s a possibility to explore, to see if that can be done. That would mean, however, that you’d lose the use of that email account with the other vendor, leaving only past, and non-continuing use of that email address.

That’s one of the difficulties that changing an email account can create for us.

Open Thunderbird and go into you account settings. In the left pane at the bottom click Add-ons and Themes. In the search bar search for ImportExportTools NG then add it to Thunderbird. I’ve had good success using this plugin. This may help as a work around for your dilemma. I hope it helps