Import files from USB

I am hating to admit this because I have done it before but my old brain is letting me down. I did a clean install of Budgie so need to add my pix and music and a few files back in from usb drives. For the life of me I am not finding the information I had to do this, I had no problem doing it before :grimacing: help

Does your external drive load automatically?
If not, here is a link to how to get the usb to automount on budgie:

Then you can just use the File Manager to copy and paste to your hearts desire :slight_smile:


Thank you @Caleb_Christian , I wasn’t having a problem with them not mounting, for some reason I wasn’t able to drag the files where I wanted them to go. Maybe my old hands weren’t doing something right. Went back in this morning and no problem, so appreciate the comeback :blush:

Hello @Tracy and @Caleb_Christian!
I apologize for jumping into a second topic!

The best solution is to simply right-click on the desired folder. Please, allow me to illustrate:

Say you want to copy your pictures back.

Go to your USB and select your Pictures folder. Right click on it and select copy.

Then go to your Home folder. You will see a Pictures folder there too. Ignore it. Right click on empty space and select Paste. It will ask you if you want to merge the folders. Select Yes and allow it to transfer everything back.

You can do the same for every folder you wish to copy back. :slight_smile:

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:grin: yes fellas, thank you , I believe I was a victim of a brain fart :older_woman:t3::wink: I believe it was temporary :woozy_face::crossed_fingers:

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