Identifying and resolving software or hardware conflicts on ubuntu 22

Looking for a place to start to ID the issues that are stacking up on my ubuntu install. Also, it might be time for me to buy another puter that is designed to use linux - not sure.

Right now I have errors coming up on the startup screen that I want to chase down and see if I can fix them short term. I can see the logs app but it is not a familiar interface for me yet.

Lately this PC has become as unreliable as it was with windows installed. Might be time to get better hardware to use as a base. THis one is an HP envy desktop

With 24 GB of RAM and an i7 processor you have plenty of computer to run Linux.

If you can capture some of the error message please post them here.

Hey Dennis, Thanks for the reply. Here is a pic of the errors displayed on this PC during startup. I am trying to learn if there are any apps that would allow me to check for and resolve these issues. These errors came up around the time that I went to v22 - i think.

OK. I found the ACPI errors in the logs app on this PC but not the others yet. Also, in the logs app there is no real ability to take any action - or even to know if the error / issue is important enough to warrant action.

FYI - I did diagnose and fix an issue that I thought was related to these errors but it turned out that my monitor was going bad and operating intermittently.

SGX is not needed except under certain conditions in Linux. Is the system booting up and running correctly other than the SGX in BIOS message?

If the system is running OK and it is just a matter of the error messages in the logs then you can add a boot parameter of nosgx to eliminate the messages. It that is the cause and only problem then it will most likely be ‘fixed’ in future kernel updates.

There seems to be some discussion about SGX and the error logs as you are experiencing. Here is just a short article that touches on the nosgx boot parameter:
If you want to try adding the boot parameter and need help with it post back here.