Ideas for the Mobile Linux Distribution

Hello Jeff.Pro gang! I just have some thoughts I’d like to share for a brainstorm type of post as to what would be nice in the upcoming Mobile Distribution announced by Jeffrey Peterson.

  1. Some sort of audit system that would let an OS owner know exactly when a piece of hardware, such as a processor chip or graphics card, uses a “backdoor” to obtain data of any kind from the machine. These backdoors are in most hardware, I presume, and while we cannot stop data movement through these backdoors, we can maybe have a system that triggers an audit and dumps the audit in a report that the OS owner can check when they want or have an option for an alert if the OS owner wants to know right away.

  2. Some sort of scrambler or encryption system that sits between a piece of hardware(s) and an app or web service that uses the hardware. An example is something that sits between a camera and a Zoom application. The system would scramble or encrypt, or otherwise make it impossible for any party that collects data about the machine based on participation with the app or web service (the old, we collect data to improve our services gimmick). The end result is the party who collects the data still has data collected on their end, but it does not give them any useful information about your machine, your location, or about you generally, or about anything else.

  3. Finally, it is recommended that the OS is as business friendly as possible. This could be as simple as having on board software to make IT people easily handle the OS, and could also be other features.
    The majority of OS installations are in the professional world, for obvious reasons. Windows Home was introduced well after Microsoft made tremendous profits by selling as many copies of Windows to a business as the business had computers. Once businesses calculate how much they save by FOSS AND are confident they can successfully operate with the OS, that is a natural transition.

Hope others like my thoughts! I am aware that ideas that come with no pledge to step up and work on the stuff can appear sort of rude. However, in the spirit of brainstorming, I hope these ideas can benefit the planning of the recently announce Mobile distribution for Linux.

: )

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