I was just restricted from selling on eBay

I just received a message from eBay saying my account was restricted permanently, but they will not tell me why exactly that is. The only things I sell on there are Linux Multi-boot USB drives and occasionally Linux computers or de-googled Chromebooks and phones. Anyone else have this issue with eBay or is it just me? I have 100% on my reviews, so I’m stumped.

Anyway, I have a bunch of USBs left that I didn’t sell, so if anyone is interested, or knows someone who might be, I have 16GB with 4 distros, 32 GB with up to 10, and 64GB with up to 20 distros available.


Hey @KatM!
Wow that’s a lot of distros! Bravo!
I suspect some leftie complained for some reason (they don’t need one) and the lefties on ebay decided to “act?” But that would just be me.

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Could be. Facebook Marketplace is the same way. I guess they didn’t like that I sold seven of them just this past weekend, maybe new Linux users is too much for them.


Linux users are those who depart their ecosystem.


Katm, you must be doing something right;)