I need a new phone, dont want anything big tech...suggestions?

Im new to linux and need a new phone bc mine is about to bite the dust. I have an android at the moment and every new update makes it worse to work with…go figure! Anyways…im not sure what to do or where to go or what to get…i dont have any computers just my phone. And is it possible to get something that isnt 5G?

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I’m no expert but have been exploring the Rob Braxman channel on Rumble (also on YouTube, but avoid when I can) and he has a site Brax.me through which he sells “degoogled” phones. There are also Linux phones that use similar operating systems like Lineage https://lineageos.org/ or Calyx https://calyxos.org/ but, again, I’m just learning and have no experience. Good luck.


We have numerous people that buy and degoogle Pixels on here and the Telegram channels. Shane Cooper is one. I believe GrapheneGoat is another.

Graphene is the preferred, secured OS for degoogling the Pixel phones ironically.


This does remind me of what I ran into about a year ago. The cell company, which I dumped shortly afterward for complete lack of customer service, went to 5G servers, so all phones that were not 5G could no longer connect.

Anyone else have information on that little snag?

Also I follow Braxman on Odyssey too. But he hard to reach and usually out of phones and they are $400 plus, so that puts them out of my reach.

He is good to follow for a fact though.


Thank you for the info. I might look into how to get ahold of a linux phone.