Huge syslog.1

My ubuntu computer is telling me I have an issue, but I have NO idea how to fix this. Here is a screen shot. Thank you for any help you have.

That is enormous and highly unusual. syslog.1 refers to a rotated log and can be removed as in old information accomplished with sudo rm /var/log/syslog.1 in a terminal and providing su password… Seeing that your active syslog is already 43+GB I would suggest skimming through it for repeated errors to try to narrow down the issue.

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Thanks for the help. I found a few forums suggesting to do just that. What I actually decided on was to erase and install ubuntu on the main drive. Then I used the Backups app to restore my files. This not only fixed the main problem, it fixed permissions issues I was having, and three other problems. And all that being said I was able to run the restore for Backups for the first time and see that work first hand.

Thanks again though!


Excellent job.

Glad you were able to correct it and restore your backups too!


Wow! @Fire, this is the biggest log file I’ve seen!
I thought my Firewall log on my NextCloud was big. :smiley:
And yes, @MrDeplorableUSA is absolutely correct in his assessment. All logs that come out with the .1, .2, etc. - are the archived versions of the log files - so they can be safely deleted.