HPLIP Installation

I have an HP printer. I can print and scan without issues using the basic included in Kubuntu 21.10

My wife on the other hand does more scanning than printing and does not like the current method needed, so I thought I would add the HPlip for her but I am getting this error, and I cannot locate any information about it.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you



A few other items that it cannot install?


I can see that these files are in the following directory.

lonny@lonny-940X5N:/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages$ dir

Lonny @scubarth, @Blueghost05 here.

I did a Startpage search for “HP printers and Kubuntu 21.10” and came up with these results: Startpage Search results. Your distro can probably install the printer for you. You can also check out HP All-in-One Printers - Driver Support for Linux OS | HP® Customer Support.

I’m not familiar with the other miscellaneous file details you have below, but perhaps this info will lead you to a satisfying solution. Do some surfing and see what you find.

Thanks Blueghost05

I have looked at all of this, and it all comes back to the same thing. I can see that the required files are on the computer, but the HP install when run, do not see they are there?
9to5linux shows older files for print drivers, but I cannot locate them anywhere.
I have tried searching on startpage, DuckDuckGo as well as Brave.
I have sent a question to HP support.
Sad thing is that I could print before. When going through install, it said it needed to remove old print package and now I cannot print at all…

You mentioned Kubuntu 21.10. Are you and your wife on the same computer or different ones? If different, is she also using Kubuntu 21.10?

Did you install the printer app from the distro’s software center?

Have you found your printer in this list: HP Developers Portal | All Supported Printer Models. If so, it would seem that you could download the HPLIP from there (HP Developers Portal | Version: 3.21.12). If it’s for the Kubuntu, then download the Ubuntu version. Then make sure that all files related to any other printer app are removed from the system. Then reboot, just to be sure it’s all gone, and then install the HPLIP file per instructions.

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Two different computers. Thank goodness I can still print from one of them.

She does many times get on mine, as I have more on it and she does not want to learn :slight_smile:

Yes, I have tried all this… Still not working.
Almost wish I would have just left it as it was, at lease I could print. Now I cannot…

How about going back to neutral. Remove all printers, if more than one, from her machine. Remove any printer drivers. Reboot. With the printer plugged in and turned on, open a terminal and type lpstat -p to see if it detects any printers. If so, have it check for drivers. You should have an app for that in your Settings. See what happens. If all else fails, reinstall and replace the old install, but save any data before doing that.

Another thought: have you been running Timeshift, to make daily and/or boot snapshots. If you know of a specific date or time range when the printer worked and then didn’t, do a restore of the last day you were aware that it was working.

Timeshift is a great idea!

Thanks, I never thought about it. I will run it after our Linux class I am getting on right now

OK. Glad I mentioned it. I just seemed like a possibility for your situation.