HP Printer on Mint 21

I am trying to print to a HP 4100 e printer that is connected to a windows computer via usb cable. I have mint 21 installed and it picks up the printer via wifi but when I print something nothing prints. I look at the status and it says the job is being “held” I click on the option “release” but no luck.

Try unplugging the Windows computer and reboot the printer. Wifi should work, my hp printer works fine with the software provided by Mint

I must have did something along that line because after I tried plugging in the USB cable I disconnected and set the printer back up on my wife’s windows computer, pluged it back in and tried printing and lo and behoold it works! Thanks for your input.

You are most certainly welcome! Glad it worked out for you. Printers are full of tracker program gremlins and can be a potential problem. The rule of windows. . .have you tried turning it off and on again?? LOL