How to uninstall OnlyOffice plugins

I’m happily using OnlyOffice, on @vasileios’s recommendation.

It has some plugins that I want to remove from the program. OO’s help center says the plugins are located here:

"For Linux - /opt/onlyoffice/desktopeditors/editors/sdkjs-plugins/ "

(source: Uninstall default plugins from the desktop editors - ONLYOFFICE)

but my Mint/Cinnamon has no such location:
no OO in opt

I opened a help ticket with OO support. They responded that they don’t offer individual support for free programs.

And I didn’t find any other suggestions in their forum.

Soooo, does anyone here know where OnlyOffice really stores plugin files?


Hey @nwarren!
I just checked the Software Center - at least from Zorin, that’s Ubuntu-based - and saw that the installation source is via SNAP. This means that the plugin and preferences folders are different than the ones that are installed via normal repositories (or DEB files).

Therefore, on the folder you have above, you will need to add:


So, your plugins as a SNAP installation are in:


I hope this is the case for you! (I installed it to make sure and that’s where they are)

Thank you, @vasileios .


  1. I understood ‘snap’ is not a recommended source for programs.

OnlyOffice published a full update (v7.0) today, noting that Flatpack will be available soon. Do you recommend I wait to upgrade/install later from Flathub?

(source: ONLYOFFICE desktop and mobile apps | ONLYOFFICE)

  1. V7.0 is currently available as a Deb8 download. Is that a better source?

  2. I haven’t learned enough yet to implement your instructions, so if you still recommend using snap store:

    – Into which folder do I add the new folder, just the root (not 'opt)?


What syntax do I use in order to create the new folder? I successfully made these not work:

Thanks for your patience.

Hey @nwarren!
Snap is preferred by some and not by others. I personally don’t prefer them much as the apps may tend to have configuration limitations due to their high level of “sand-boxing” (independent memory space).

To answer your questions from the end and moving up.

When you try to create a folder and you get a “No such file or directory” it means that you are trying to create a folder inside another folder that doesn’t exist. Other than that, your command syntax is correct.

The “94” folder is the version of your OnlyOffice and you may have a different one installed than the one I have. In this scenario, there is a symbolic link that acts as a folder “forwarder”. However, it seems that your Snaps are not located in the general area (or perhaps your OnlyOffice installed differently).

Let’s try to locate it. First, you’ll need to install an “Indexer” utility.

sudo apt install mlocate

Once it installs, it will normally do an indexing on its own. This will last only a few seconds (you will see a message about building a database). If you don’t see it and the installation finishes fast, you can initiate or update the index database by typing:

sudo updatedb

Then, you can check to see where your OnlyOffice is installed, by typing:

locate onlyoffice-desktopeditors

It will produce a list of what it finds and will let you know where everything is installed.
If nothing comes up, try:

locate onlyoffice

Please let me know how it goes. :slight_smile:

Found it, @vasileios !!! Your step-by-step was perfect.

(followed by many hundreds of lines, one per file, but all with the same location)


(followed by many hundreds of lines, one per file, but all with a new location)

So I examined contents of both, basic locations, looking for something like a “plugin” folder.

Found this:


The {…} folders correspond to OnlyOffice’s ID list, shown here:

(source: Uninstall default plugins from the desktop editors - ONLYOFFICE )

You’re a genius. And a stunningly kind and patient one…

Case closed. I know which folder to delete, now that you’ve helped me find it. Thank you.

All best regards. Again.

Done. :star_struck:

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Bravo and congratulations! I’m glad it worked out! :grin:

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