How to Open YT links in NewPipe App by Defualt

Many of you with DeGoogled Android phones probably know of Newpipe. But you may not know that Youtube links can be automatically be opened in the app.

If you are not aware, NewPipe is a privacy oriented app that allows you to view and download youtube videos, ad-free. It is available in the F-Droid app store, or the .apk can be downloaded from github here: Releases · TeamNewPipe/NewPipe · GitHub

To open Youtube links in Newpipe automatically, go to settings, search “opening links”, tap on Newpipe, check “Open supported links” if not already, and check the boxes of all the pre-defined links (keep scrolling down). Your phone should now open all youtube links into NewPipe.

While many do not like Youtube due to being Big-Tech censors, there are a lot of how-tos and other useful videos on the platform, and using NewPipe to view them is the best way to do so.

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Thank You for this info… I will add it to my notes.
Just got Graphene installed 2 days ago and Newpipe is on the list.
Still learning to use what it came with as I have not had any cell phone for many years. Reading up on apps and settings and I have not even got F-Droid yet. The goal is to have it dialed in before I even look for the sim card thingy…

I envy how you have not used a cell phone in years. It really should be the goal to use the cell phone only as needed… Which is kind of contradictary to my post here.

Someone on this forum posted this website for getting started with a Graphene device, I think you would find it helpful:

Read from the “Recommended Apps/Services” and down.

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That was easy! Thanks.

Thank You… I had already found a couple of the links listed there…and I will check out the rest in do time… Sad to see that my 4Xl will lose support later this year… oh well ya gotta start some where…