How to install Linux on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (Android Tablet)

I am looking for instructions on how to install Linux on my Samsung tablet. What Linux distro is best to use on a tablet? What are the steps I need to take to convert my tablet over to Linux?

I have not watched this video and do not have a tablet, but I did find this. Maybe it’ll be helpful.

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Thank you! I did some quick searching online too, but could not find much. I’ll take a look at these videos. Thanks!

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Most welcome! I hope the vids help get you on the path.

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Hi Sheri!

I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ that I have been attempting to get /e/OS on, and it has proven to be quite difficult. Samsung, like all other major tech manufacturers, take steps to make sure you don’t mess with their stuff. Just be aware that it is not as easy as some tutorial videos make it seem. But then again, that could just be me. :crazy_face:

As far as OS options, there is:

Android Based

Linux Based

Ubuntu Touch

You can also install a desktop version of almost any Linux distro, just be warned that while they may work, they may not be optimized for a tablet and could be rife with bugs and glitches.