How to install Kubuntu

I have Windows 10 currently on my laptop. I want to wipe out the OS with Kubuntu which I already downloaded onto the hard disk. There are many folders but I could not locate any .run files. There is an install folder with no files, however. What should I look for or do next? Thanks

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The first thing to do is verify you downloaded the right file, usually an .ISO which needs to be “burned” or written to a USB or DVD to created a bootable image.

Kubuntu Downloads

Typically as a new user you should be using LTS(Long Term Service) which would be 20.04.3. Below the download is the mirrors, alt dowloads and checksum which you need to verify file integrity. At the bottom of the downloads page is a link on how to verify ISO you downloaded.

Lets get a little bit of information about your system, this would be useful to know it’s capabilities and whether it’s advisable to run KDE Plasma 64 bit on it.

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Also, make the you have backed up any important documents, pictures and videos to an alternate external source, USB HDD, Thumbdrive etc. You will need a second USB thumb drive to create the installer on, I suggest either a 4 or 8gb

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Thanks for the reply. But the key was to install Rufus bootable drive on USB. That solves my problem.

glad to hear you were able to proceed!