How to get new ssh key on server and connect lap top

@vasileios Hi Vasileios. Finishing up some details after my re install of linux mint after my python download debacle. . I am trying to connect my lap top to my vpn server again. Its on linode. I get the ssh error publickey. I looked thru forums here but didnt find what I wanted. I did some research on line and found this at a web sight and ran it

You can save a lot of time by determining why you can’t connect before you proceed. The following command will show you exactly what SSH is doing when you initiate a connection with your VPS server:

ssh -vvv root@your.vps.ip

Naturally, you should replace your.vps.ip with the relevant IP address, which can be found in your control panel. Note down any output

Once it finished debug steps it came up with no file existed for the ssh key. So it seems when I saved my files before the reinstall, the keys didnt save. I looked thru files too and didnt find them. So now, if I generate new ssh keys, how to I get my servers connected to them? Linode says to just add them and log in with the new key. page link here Not sure if I delete the old key at linode since its not on my computer anymore? what steps do I need to do to set up the connection? I am looking over your file from LMS also; the long one :slightly_smiling_face:) and not sure at which point I pick up the process to do that. I set up my vpn server with that tutorial of yours.

Hey @myundividedlife!
There are two ways to install an SSH key to a Linode VPS. The first one would be to open up your with a text editor (gedit, more, cat, kate, etc) and copy/paste its exact contents on the panel of Linode.

How to do that?
Click on your top right icon for your account. You will see the SSH there. Click on it and then select “Add SSH”. Name it as you like and then copy paste the contents of the text editor into the big window there. Select “Save” and you’ll be done.

The second way is to install the SSH directly inside your OS via the ssh-copy-id command. However, this will create the VPS key only for that OS and will not be visible to any other server you might try to create.

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@vasileios Hi Vasileios! It took a while for me to make time for this but got it done! Happily using my VPN again. And my new keys were easy to do.

thank you
And may u be blessed


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Awesome work, Mariangela! And no worries about the time it took. I’m guilty of delays at times myself. :wink: