How to fix network setting to not connect unless it is through a VPN

Looking for a way to make sure computer does not connect to the network unless it is through the vpn. Example is in android there is a setting that will not connect unless through VPN.

Normally your VPN app provides the known “Kill Switch” which you can enable via GUI or via terminal. For example, on a couple of systems, I use NordVPN. I can instruct it to enable the kill-switch and it works nicely alongside its auto-connect function.

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I found a way that will not let the internet connect unless it connect to vpn. (looking for a professional screen capture software like SNAGIT so i can post screenshot instructions).

For Mint Click on Menu > Preferences > Advanced Network Configurations > “General” Tab > Check “Automatically Connect to VPN” > Select the VPN Server to connect to in drop down next to “Automatically Connect to VPN” > Next time you boot up PC > Click on the network icon in the right by the time > Click on the network you want to connect to (wireless or whatever) > Your pc will connect to that network with the VPN Server with login info provided when installing the vpn. (anyone reading this let me know if you know of a good screen capture / editing / recording software to make these instructions more user friendly)


Nice tip! I personally use flameshot for screen captures. It’s nice because it allows you to do markup and stuff before you actually capture it.