How to delete Undeletable Temporary Internet File from Disk Cleanup?

My computer was infected with a Trojan virus when I opened a online file. I just need help in how to delete an undeletable Temporary Internet File from the Desk Cleanup. I tried everything the instruction video on YouTube says to do, still, file is NOT deleting. HEKP please.

@Doris I am sorry it has taken so long for a response. Which flavor/distro are you using. @vasileios should have some insight. Welcome to the group Cheers!!

Hey @Doris and welcome to the forums!
Thank you, @BigDaveAZ for tagging me here.

@Doris - to delete a “protected” file, all you have to do is spot its location. Then, navigate to it with your file manager. Then, right-click on the empty space and select Open in terminal. Then execute the following command:

sudo su

It will ask you for your user password. It won’t be visible, so don’t worry. Hit Enter once you’re done.
Then note the name of the file you wish to delete (below I’m gonna called “name_of_file”) and execute:

rm -fv name_of_file

And that should do it.

Once done, remember to exit root mode, by executing:


I hope this helps!

Thank you so very kindly for your reply @BigDaveAZ. As much as I like to learn about computers, often, I find myself overwhelmed with them. My problem was that I was online and open an ad and as soon as that happened I got a Trojan virus. It scared me. So when I got no help I went on YouTube on how to resolve this, and I did everything except, I the computer would not delete the Temporary Internet File from the Disk cleanup. I was able to do most everything else. A reason why in my desperation as a mom reached out to this group. Thank you for your kindness and your reply. I will keep you in my prayers as per your post on your user name. The Lord bless you and Keep you.

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Thank you very much for your kindness and help @vasileios. It seem so complicated all of this. Even though I am good with computers and learning is something I like to do. Nevertheless, this seem a bit too intimidating for me. As per my reply to @BigDaveAZ, I am still not able to dlelete the Temporary Internet File from the Disk Cleanup. I just tried that again. I just don’t want to do something and messup things in my laptop computer as is the only one I have to use. God bless you and all those patriots out there with a heart to help people with their computers. It can be very intimidating.

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@Doris Thank You. God Bless you and Keep you, as well. Cheers!!

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Perhaps you can install Stacer which deletes temporary files with elevated privileges. You can find and install it from the Software Center.

If you want to get the basics on how to navigate the terminal, we have a useful video here:

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