How to check and download missing files for your Lunix Distro?

I was uninstalling some apps I did not need to free up some hard disk space and I think one of the apps uninstalled a file needed by my user interface. It still works but has become glitchy. The text on all the shortcuts and buttons and such will turn into squares from time to time. Is there a command I can run in terminal that will check for and install any required missing files needed for my distro UI? I am running Manjaro Budgie.

You can type in the following in the terminal. It will then reinstall and update components as required:

sudo pacman -S budgie-desktop network-manager-applet gnome-control-center gnome-screensaver
sudo pacman -S gnome-terminal nautilus budgie-extras dconf-editor

I believe this will solve your problem. :blush:


@vasileios i cant open Settings in ManBudgie, do you think i should try this, too?

Also, if i should, then i understand sudo is typed in the beginning of each command, then are these two commands to type twice or is it one to type all the text at once?
Thank you

Hey @Gdaiva!
There are two panels for settings on Budgie. One is for the desktop environment itself and one is the general for the Gnome environment, which Budgie relies on.
As for the sudo, yes, it has to be in the beginning of each command you wish to run with elevated privileges. After the -S option, you can type in a number of packages that you wish installed and press enter at the end of each line.

the budgie settings work, but the main settings dont. I cant even change the background, notifications, etc.
Somebody suggested to install Latte dock, i installed it and that doesnt open up either.

It worked in the very beginning, but i installed Brave and Telegram, thats about it, so far

We’ll try a full reset the Gnome settings. You might need to reconfigure some things, but it just might work for you.
Open up a terminal and execute the following commands:

dconf reset -f /org/gnome

Once done, check to see if the settings work.

it doesnt “take” that command
then i added sudo in front thats what i got

Hey @Gdaiva,
All you needed to do was to run it as a regular user. The first one you executed produced no errors. Now, you can logout and then log back in. Or reboot.

Once you do that, check to see if the issue has been fixed.

@vasileios i did, no, it didnt fix :disappointed:

Hey @Gdaiva,
To pinpoint what might be happening, I’ll need some more information.
First, when you installed Budgie, did you download it and install directly from the ISO or did you add the desktop environment after you already had a distribution installed?
Second, are all the functions of the Gnome Settings problematic or just some of them? If it’s the latter, then (aside from the background), which?

  1. I installed from directly from bootable USB. I didnt know how to add, but i learned how to make bootable usb, so now im hopping distros, maybe that the problem :rofl:

  2. nothing is problematic, except that i cant open settings.
    Background is fine, but if i want to add my own picture i’d need to open settings, or to change some notifications on some apps, etc.

i dont, know maybe i’ll hop again to different distro.
How many times can i change distro? Does it effect hardware at all? I already changed 3 times

You can change a distro as many times as you like!
What it tells me is that some dependency got corrupt, that’s why your Gnome Settings is not starting. However, you can still change the background. Right clicking on the file from the file-manager allows you to do that. Otherwise, if the extension is not installed, then you can double-click to open the image, right click on it and make it your background. One last option would be to open the image with Firefox and right click on it and make it your backdrop. :slight_smile:

I would instruct you to reinstall Gnome-Settings, but it will only install the actual app and not the dependency that was damaged (which we don’t know which it is without parsing the detailed logs). However, if you wish to try it, the command is:

sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-control-center

i dont know what dependency is, but it took me like 3 times to install Brave, it was going on and on, and it was saying “checking dependencies” forever , so i lost patience and turned off computer and then started to install Brave again, and it did again, on 3rd time i finally installed Brave.
Maybe it has something to do with that?

If something was broken during installation, then perhaps the following command might help.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -f

If there are any broken packages, then this will fix them.

it says “command not found”

LOL my mistake! I forgot you are running Manjaro!

sudo pacman -Syyu
sudo pacman -Scc

Sorry about that! Too much Ubuntu. :laughing:

no problem, how are you supposed to remember all of us newbies :grinning:.

nope, didnt fix.

thats what i got.
Restarted and still cant open settings. Somebody told me to install Latte dock, i did, but cant open that either.

its ok, i’ll try another distro.
Thank you

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