How to Bypass ATT Router to use your own router?

With ATT internet service you are forced to use and pay for monthly lease of their router for their internet serivce. There are ways to bypass the router and use your own router and settings. I am interested in sharing with others these ways and about successes and pitfalls that you have encountered.

What brand and model of router do they use and what type of service do you have?

I have ATT Uverse Fiber with a +12 yo ONT connection equipment. My Router has been updated serveral times over the years by ATT. I currently have a ATT furnished modem/router (model: Pace 5268AC). I have been running a Google Wifi for the wifi only portion of my network on the backend of the router and wired setup. I lost all control and configuration capability og the Google system a few years ago when i did not upgrade to the Google Home app. I have purchased a Ubiquiti Unifi Dream Machine Special Edition to act as the gateway/router. I have found several helpful i will post here.

I havent been able to find info on fully replacing and bypasses the ATT RG (PACE 5268ac) which is the equipment i currently have. Only way I have read about is with an NVG589 or 510 by rooting the RG.

We have Spectrum which is ATT - We have our own router. You should be able to use any newer model. would require a call to ATT to get it working. ATT will help you getting it setup.

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I have had ATT internet only service since summer 2017. I have the UVerse PACE 5268AC modem router which I configured in bridge mode and connected via Ethernet to a Google Mesh Wi-Fi with 6 nodes. Two of the six, besides the direct connected modem, are hard wired via Ethernet and switches throughout the house. I have found this dramatically improves all node connectivity results, at least according to the Home app Wi-Fi tests.

As to successes and pitfalls, compared to a 20 year horror with Comcast prior, this has been very consistent service and I’ve never had to contact them. The price has gone from $25 per month to now $61 nearly 6 years later. They did recently increase the data max from 1 TB to 1.5 TB per month. This is DSL BTW, fiber not currently available in my location, northern Indiana.

Update on the ATT router bypass project: I chose to follow Wells Riley’s procedure found here:
I purchased the RG certs on ebay from the seller that Wells recommended, (maczrool on eBay sells unique rooted certificates). That went well received the certs but Windows computer did not like the files and had to use Linux to download the files and run the Devicelocksmith conversion program to create the .pem files. Being new to Linux it took some time to figure out but went well.

Ran into an issue with Ubiquiti not wanting an owner to do their own manual configuration at startup when enabling the SSH function in manual mode. Ran into a few issues also creating the directories in Step 2 on the UDMSE (Well’s directions are for a Pro and I have an SE model, it has also been several years since Well’s wrote those directions and Ubiquiti has had updates to their Unifi OS).
I was able to get through step 3 and then got hung up on step 4 because I could not get the internet connection to be recognized coming in from the Pace to the WAN port on the UDMSE.

I put the project on hold at that point and decided to just try setting it up withe the Pace in place utilizing the Unifi autoconfig function and was able to get the internet connection to work. However I have had a bunch of connection/service drops from ATT over the past week. I believe it is related to the ATT pace RG because that was one of the issues i was experiencing before that caused me to want to do this project. I will update again after i investigate further. I have contacted Well’s with a few questions and am waiting on a response before proceeding further.