How do I see if Nameservers created in CyberPanel are there?

I am in the process of creating a full server by following the LMS lesson. Currently, I am on the DNS stage. I need some help…

  1. The first time I entered the domain name, I did not realize there was a space before the domain name. How do I or if I need to delete it? Where do I find it to edit?

  2. I figured out I needed to use the Advanced DNS + Custom DNS on NameCheap to make it take on their side. Also set both ns1 and ns2.domain.etx in the default DNS page…

Pinging the name servers I setup returned “Name or service not known”. I was assuming I’d see what I set up by looking somewhere under the DNS section in CyberPanel but

So confused, please help!

Just ping it again, it’s working…

I would still like to know how to check the DNS settings in the CyberPanel… if for nothing else, to delete the mistakes I made in question 1.

Not knowing is like leaving a dirty sock somewhere in the house but didn’t know where I left it… :sweat_smile:

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OK, I am now onto the Email part of the LMS video. I see those “dirty socks” DNS records I created in the DNS - Add/Delete Records by selecting the domain name. Deleted the extra ones.

Phew, I feel better! Hope my mistakes can help someone out there! :sweat_smile: :grinning: :crossed_fingers:

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Hey @Ai!
The DNS records do take some time to refresh, especially the Reverse DNS.

Per the location of the DNS Records on CyberPanel, you can go to the DNS tab and then select the “Add or Remove DNS Records”. Most of what you need are on the A and the TXT tabs. :slight_smile:

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Yes, @vasileios, I got too nervous and wrote the post before I got to the step where you showed us how to see the DNS Records.

I knew it was a pain to make that video, so, much much appreciation and it’s comforting to know an experienced person might get frustrated just as us newbies. Hope you know how helpful you are with what you do for us! :heart_decoration: :pray: :nerd_face:

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No worries, @Ai!
I tend to be the same way at times. Throughout my life, I’ve always tested things before I checked the manual. It’s the excitement that makes us rush in, head first! However, we still learn, myself included. So, if you got through that step, you’re definitely on a good path! Bravo!

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