How do I clone a dual boot (Windows 10 & Zorin 16 Pro Linux) HDD to a new SSD?

I have a Lenovo Ideapad 300-17SK laptop which currently has a 1TB HDD with Dual Boot of Windows 10 & Zorin 16 Pro installed on it.
I want to clone my HDD to a new 1TB SSD. Is there an easy way to do this and not have to reinstall either OS and everything still work as it does now…only much faster with the SSD?

Yes, it can be done but you will probably need an external hard drive enclosure for one of the drives unless your laptop has accommodations for a second drive. Or install both drives in a desktop computer (tower) and do it from there.
If you are ready for a learning experience the link below will get you started in doing some research and you can learn how to us the dd command.
Please note that you should have at least a general basic knowledge of working with hard drives. Research before attempting to use the dd command. The dd command can be destructive if used incorrectly. I did notice a couple other websites that talk about adding some options that this linked website do not use. Please research before starting and ask any questions back here or in one of the forums you may visit during your research.
(I have used dd successfully several times to clone one hard drive to another but I have to look up the command used and the options in case of read errors, block size, syncing and other options.)

I do this with my Dell. Get an external USB to SATA connector for your new drive. Download Freeware - Macrium Reflect. It is easy to use, will do a clone while windows is running. When complete, the New drive is an exact copy of the original. I have a USB 3.0 to SATA connector - takes 2 USB ports on laptop when connected.