Hestia CP DNS Zone issues with Namecheap

Good day team
Tinkering with Hestia CP on a “Free Oracle Cloud Server” (Only because CPanel is not supported on this ARM server). I have successfully deployed the Hestia CP and all server are running fine. In the middle of hosting my own dns (bind9 server). I have created custom DNS on Namecheap and pointed the ns1 & ns2.website.com .

On HestiaCP I have created all the necessary DNS zones and added ns1 and ns2.website.com to the website.

Issue is that, dns cannot be resolved and website is down for almost 2 days.
Can someone please assist in resolving this
Thanks in advance

Hey @LiwiLiwi!
NameCheap happens to have a hidden setting to assign the IP of your nameserver. You will find it in the DNS settings of your domain, when you go to the Advanced DNS tab. It’s hidden in the bottom right, where it points the NameServers as Default.

Hit the little drop-down menu there and select Custom. Then, add the two nameservers, the same way you added it on the Domain tab (the first that you have on your screenshot), and add the names and the corresponding IP address of your server that runs the DNS service.

That should get your domain name going. :smiley:

Hi @vasileios
That was the first thing i did on Namecheap. Yet no response

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[Partial Solution] - The issue was with the Oracle Cloud Server. One needed to create the A and CNAME records on the DNS Zone on the Oracle Instance, and copy the NS provided by Oracle to Hestia - nothing to do with Namecheap this time.

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Good find!
I haven’t had any chance to test Hestia CP, therefore I am not certain of its quirks.