Help - ubuntu keeps frezing with new ssd

My husband and i are installing ubuntu in a pc tower he got a new ssd drive and its still freezing. He thought it was because the second fan was on so we shut that off and it still freezing

We want to record my videos and alao use davinci resolve so i suggested we try centosos 7 somthing and thats very complicated and my husband is getting frustrated with me

I am learning all this and I dont know what to do to resolve this issue

Why wont ubunto work?

We tried over and over

Then tried moving the flash drive to another usb slot

Sorry you’re having issues.
Which Ubuntu version?
Can you give some other specs on your tower system?
If I have issues installing, one of the first things I do is try a different thumb drive all together with a fresh download. If at all possible, download directly from the distros website. If you use mirror sites or torrents be sure to verify the ISO authenticity.
It’s not unheard of getting a bad thumb drive.
What procedure did you use and on what Operating System did you write the thumb drive?

Have you checked your BIOS, are you attempting to install via “Legacy” or “UEFI”.