Grapheneos - voicemail

Been using my pixel 6a for a couple of weeks now. Not really having any major issues.

My question is where do you check your voicemail.
The default phone app, the black/white icon that comes with the OS doesn’t have a voicemail tab.

Do I have to get a different app for that?

Need to figure this out because my contacts will need to leave me messages at some point and I don’t know where they can be found.

Thanks for any help on this.

When you are in the phone app, at the bottom, there should be Features (star icon), Recents (clock), Contact (people) and Voicemail. What do you see.

Hi, I only see Favorites, Recents and Contacts.
I checked the app permissions and I only denied Location. It has everything else. I tried loading the Simple Dialer but that one does the same thing.

I transitioned from an iPhone on Verizon.
Not sure if either of those comes into play.

Last minute edit
Just checked the settings and finally found Visual Voicemail and turned it on.
Hopefully, this will work out.

Thanks for the quick reply which just prompted me to dig a bit more.

try pressing and holding ‘1’ down on the keypad, or dial your number from another phone, then press # key when it asks you to leave a message.

I think on mine with Verizon it’s *86