GnuCash Import QIF or finding help

I am only posting this here because this was discussed last Saturday. I am using Ubuntu and trying to import my QIF file which is on my flash drive I exported from Quicken. When the importing process takes place it goes halfway through and blanks out totally, removing all gnucash screens that were open. I’ve tried twice and the same thing.
I now am trying to look for help on Gnucash and can’t find good sources. They say the mailing lists. I signed up but where can I look for topics that have been discussed. This was the weirdest process I have come across for a software platform. Anyone have some guidance they can give, at least a site I can find help for this?

It’s been awhile … since I battled this problem … I remember it has to do with permissions… first when you write to the flash drive you have to enable sharing … then when you bring it into Gnucash you have to give the file permission to be imported … this is all from memory and I had step by step outline when I did it… I will look around and see if I can find it and drop it by… I will tell you that in the long run … I started my 2023 finances as Gnu only… after I got it set up… I hope I don’t have any need to start up the old W’Doze computer in the basement to access old quicksand accts… who knows maybe… :thinking:

Sorry Peter … I could not find my outline … my Wife cleaned up my “off-mess” after tax-related stress time was over … she just doesn’t understand true organization … I also believe that the sharing/permissions was involved in setting up the virtual machine that I was also trying to press into the mix at the time … anyway, as I said that was last year and I hope to not have to go back … hang in there it gets better … :+1: