Glib Version?

How do I find out what version of Glib I’m running?

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Here is an answer from the “Frequently Asked Questions about the GNU C Library” (the FAQ):

If you want to find out about the version from the command line simply run the libc binary. This is probably not possible on all platforms but where it is simply locate the libc DSO and start it as an application. On Linux like /lib/ This will produce all the information you need.

What always will work is to use the API glibc provides. Compile and run the following little program to get the version information:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <gnu/libc-version.h>
int main (void) { puts (gnu_get_libc_version ()); return 0; }
Just execute:

ldd --version

which comes with glibc package
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@BigDaveAZ - Thank you for both the information you provided AND for the link! I was not aware of that site and will definitely utilize it going forward. Thank you for taking the extra time to share it.


@ffighter60 Anytime. We are all in this together. Consider this group the first line of defense against Big Tech. Cheers!!