Getting set up

Looking to get set up with a Linux machine. Any suggestions on where to get a Linux desktop either a machine that is bare Bones and ready to install Linux on or one that has it preloaded?

@cowboy1611 Welcome to the first step of regaining your freedom from big tech! There are a few companies out there that do new Linux systems is the first one that comes to mind. You can always build to suit at but the most economical way is to convert an existing system to Linux with the help of all of the good folks here. There are many different “flavors” or “distros” of Linux. There are some that come already mimicking Mac environments or WindBlowz environments, there are some that are more secxurity conscious than others. I would recommend to find out which distros you would like to “test drive” before settling on one that you would like to stay with for awhile. There is always somebody around to answewr questions. Good Luck!! Cheers!!