Getting into wordpress site

This is embarrassing, but I don’t remember where to go to log into my wordpress site. I set it up in May following the instructions on the course which I’m no longer in and I need to make some updates. Would anyone mind reminding me of the first step or two? I’m sure I’ll remember from there. I’m hoping I won’t need to jump back into the course to figure this out. :woman_facepalming:t4:

If you only need to get into your WordPress site: try https://yourdomainname/wp-login.php.
If you need to get into CyberPanel: https://yourdomainname:8090

Hope this helps!

The cyberpanel!!! Yes! I couldn’t even remember the name of that. THANK YOU. I’m going to take good notes and keep them somewhere that makes sense this time. This is all new to me. YAY

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Glad I can help! First time it’s always a blur to me, too… I remember installing CyberPanel 2, 3 times before getting everything right. :grin: