Getting from root@localhost:~# to root@localhost:

I am in the Linux for Beginners class. In the process of trying to create a Server on Linode, watching the video, am at 14:07 where you install cyberpanel. When I login to my server using SSH I am at “root@localhost:~#”, but I think I need to be at “root@localhost:” to be able to continue with the directions. How do I get back to “root@localhost:”?



Those are the same thing. It’s how your bash prompt is configured. ~ is your home directory. If you’re showing your current directory in your prompt, and you don’t see one, then that means you’re in your home directory, which again, is the same as ~.


Hey @dougc!
What @taxed mentioned is correct. When you login, your folder is immediately your home one or ~. Unless there is no folder inside the /home directory. You can always determine where you are in the filesystem by executing the pwd command. :slight_smile:

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