FreedomBox - Personal Server at Home

I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with the FreedomBox, a personal home server? I happened across it this morning on a Linux blog here. It appears to be a Raspberry Pi in a case w/ a private logo. The website offers instructions on building your own. I’m particularly curious to know if anyone is familiar with the software and, if they’ve used it, what they think of it.

FreedomBox - Personal Server at Home



Not particularly familiar with servers at home in general, but usually most things usually serve out music, movies, and keep data files on it, on the inside network.

Pi computers are very small, lightweight and can do a lot of things (I’m running on right now as a Ham Radio Node/BBS system for a software called BPQ, and hams all over the world connect in and pass message traffic digitally through it).

Just doing a quick check, it is a Pi system, and it is set up internal on your own network, so you can access anything there. Rather like your own cloud server (they compare it to Dropbox).

They say:

Be a Pioneer
FreedomBox is building a movement to decentralize the web. Our users are the pioneers of this movement.

Sounds like it’s right up our alley :slight_smile:


I haven’t tested the exact model, though I’ve built home servers before. It will all depend on what you need it for. Cloud server? Web server? Email server? Each one of them will have different requirements and the biggest headache is the domain - especially if you want it to be visible from outside your home network. I was doing tests lately on that area and I hit pause when I had to send a support message to my ISP to configure the IP address they give me to Reverse-DNS to my domain name. I have a step son who messes around things online, and that would probably send the entire domain to several blacklists! :laughing:

The biggest key to home servers - besides what I mentioned above - is the SSL (if you decide to make it visible to the outside world) and the firewall/router-ports.


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