Forcing firefox to use the default file manager

Does anyone know how to force firefox to use the default file manager? Firefox comes with every distro but refuses to use or allow the use of the default file manager.

A few more details would be helpful.

Distro, desktop environment and version. The problem in detail.

Have you set a preferred file manager in your application preferences? Did you install another file manager application other then the desktop environments default?

Thanks for the reply! It happens in every distro I have installed. Umbutu, Mint, Cinnamon, Plasma, Kali…
Problem: I use Firefox to open twitter. Go to share an image and I get a file manager that shows the images in a tiny thumbnail that I cant even see. There is no option to show large thumbnails while in Firefox. I cant find an option in Firefox to set a default file manager. I went into Firefox profile and there is no option to set it there either. However if I go to the default file manager and open that folder the thumbnails are perfect. Does the same thing from email or any other app run through Firefox.

I would guess that is probably a “Twitter” thing of it’s happening like that all the time. I don’t have a Twitter to try and reproduce so I’m afraid I’m not going to be of much help on it.

Thanks anyway! Its firefox. Ive seen a lot of people with this issue on several boards. No one has found a solution.

I can’t say that I’ve noticed it myself Ubuntu 20.04 and Firefox opened Nautilus for me when I had and FB and would save and share photos.

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Thank you. I may try that again and see what happens.