Flavors of Linux (Minty?)

Once you enter the world of Linux, you will discover that there are many kinds to choose from. To avoid dumping 100 choices on your head all at once, we often talk about two very popular versions of Linux; Ubuntu and Mint. These are both great places to start for anybody who is interested in Linux. Beyond these two, the choices are limitless and you will often hear people talking about many other distributions of Linux. Feel free to go “distro hopping” and explore these if you ever want to.

For now, here is a great video that discusses Ubuntu vs. Mint:


Hey Will, I love my Mint with cinnamon desk top. I was able to transition from windows very easily and have started to venture into terminal. Have downloaded Brave as my browser and wow I’m in heaven.
I am seriously considering making my windows 10 Dell all in one into a Linux machine and would do Mint with cinnamon but it has a touch screen and not sure it will work. Guess its not the end of the world if it doesn’t.

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Hi Rick. Welcome to the Forum!
You can try booting it from the USB drive and test it out. Also the Ubuntu 21.04 version seems to have a more complete out-of-the-box set of drivers, so that is an option. Most touch screens should work. I have one working with my Raspberry Pi.

Just a note to say that I have Linux loaded up on an old Dell with a touch screen. The touch screen function works perfectly. No problems.

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Thanks, I’ll check :heavy_check_mark: out both.

Thanks good to know.