Firewall for Ubuntu 20.04 ufw not found

I installed ubuntu 20.04 on a HP COMPAQ 15 SG19n . I could not find ufw not with applications, there is also no icon for it on the display. So I installed it from the store, but still when I search for it “no results”. When I try to install with terminal “sudo apt install ufw” it comes back with “ufw is already the newest version (0.36-6ubuntu1).” Now I am stuck - can anybody help?? thank you!

To start: sudo ufw enable
To end: sudo ufw disable
For status: sudo ufw status

Here is a site… Not sure if significant difference for ufw between Ubuntu 20.04 and 18.04.

Here is a site for Ubuntu 20.04 ufw:

Thanks a lot, I was looking for some GUI application I had seen on a website but as I couldn’t find anything did it in the terminal. And now I got reassuránce from you. that’s always great to get support in struggling. Next step is printing with strange errors when setting up hplip…

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