Firefox, Demio, Sound issues and updates

Twice now (last week and this week) I’ve tried to join the JP workshop from the Firefox Browser on Linux Mint. I’ve test the microphones and everything was working well. However, once I try to enter the room I’m told that my version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari (whatever) is not the latest and I can enter the room at my own risk! Last week, I entered the room at my own risk and got absolute dead sound. Could see JP speaking, but couldn’t hear him, so I joined on my phone. Same thing this week. I started looking around to find out how to upgrade Firefox on Linux and hit a stone wall. There’s nothing out there that says I’m using an outdated version of Firefox. Am I missing something? Does have a problem with Firefox? or with Chrome? or with Safari? Does it require the use of Brave? I can always, of course, use my phone, but Firefox doesn’t seem to have any other issues with other sites, so I’m asking where I should look to solve this sound/upgrade/demio problem? Any suggestions appreciated.

Hello @famcoll !

Good to see you asking good questions!

You are correct on your Firefox concern. The main reason is that many Linux distributions do not follow the latest versions. Instead, they rely on the most stable and secure version, the 78 one (while the most recent - at this point - is 92). The respective distro maintainers apply all security patches from the new versions into the 78 one during every update.

However, the latest Mint I installed and checked comes with version 92.

Can you check which version you have installed? You can find that via the 3 lines on the top right side of your Firefox window. Select “Help” and then “About Firefox.”

Please let me know, and we’ll get to the bottom of this. :blush:


Yep. Looks like I have version 92.0.1 (64 bit). It says it is Mozilla Firefox for Linux Mint - 1.0

I installed Linux Mint on this computer about 3 weeks ago.

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to alleviate the sound problem. Thanks, as always.

We found out what was the problem - as other people had it as well. Ad & Pop-up blockers. When people selected “Trust this site” and refreshed, the sound came back. :wink:

Thank you so much, Vasileios. I will do that during the next event on Demio. I have so many interesting blockers up now on Firefox, heaven knows what else I may have to adjust. But, at least, I know where to look! Thanks.

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My pleasure, @famcoll ! A few people had the same issue in yesterday’s special broadcast and a couple responded that it was the blockers. As soon as they selected to trust the site, the audio came back on. :blush: