Film Scanner Software

I have been working with Linux for awhile now and so far I love it. But I have run into a potentially major problem for me. I am a photographer and, while I do occasionally shoot with digital cameras, most of my work is done with film. I have yet to find a software scanning solution that works with my current scanners. It would appear that the only usable option is Vuescan and that software will only work with one of my scanners. Is Silverfast supported?

Not sure. I see Vuescan is a paid application.

Found some other here, an interesting one is a GiMP plugin called Quite Insane.

Give them a read and see what may fit your needs.

I don’t offer a recommended solution. I have several high speed scanners that are SCSI connected. The original software was older and not supporting Linux.

My current intent is to run Windows98 in a VM when I need to scan. Mostly because the software drivers are Win98. I also feel that the older Windows might have been less compromising or data spying than the newer versions.

It then gives me time to maybe come up with better solutions. -Mo

A scsi scanner should work natively under Linux and sane. Can’t verify as I haven’t had one for years