Fan keeps coming on and the curser stutters(glitches)

Ok, so I am having issues with my Ubuntu laptop. I purchased it new, already installed, System 76. Anyhow, the fan keeps coming on every couple of minutes and the curser stops and I cannot move it. The System 76 help desk said it was most likely a software problem, suggested I look at the system monitor to see which apps might be using excessive CPU’s. So, I found the system monitor and I cannot figure out which apps are using more. I just today was able to watch last Saturday’s workshop and downloaded the Stacer app, I am such a greenhorn with all of this. I cannot figure out how to utilize the information. The CPU dial jumps to over 80% whenever the fan kicks in. The dials are nice, but again I have no idea what I am looking at. Can you steer me in the right direction?

Wow! Can’t help with your question, but would love to see a Picture of your brand new System 76 laptop! I look at their website regularly to be amazed. The minis are of particular interest. I’m sure Vasileios will know what to do.

I am awaiting my Oryx laptop from System 76. Did this happen out of the box or have you installed any software on it?

This is something that has happened in the last couple of weeks. It ran super out of the box!

Sorry to hear. Did you install any software after you received it? Have you done any updates?

I have installed the Brave Browser, Telegram, a few others, and yes I have updated, more than once.


Interesting. I have a Lenovo T440 with Mint installed and when I was running Telegram it got a bit bogged down. Later I found out that by going into settings I dialed back some of the storage settings and it helped. This is a big problem on phones, so no surprise that when I went into settings/ Advanced/ Manage local storage and scaled back the Media cache limit and clear older files down to 1 week it helped a bunch. Might be worth a try. All else fails you should be able to get some support help from System 76 since we paid enough for a custom machine.

Oh my! This totally helped! Thank you.


Glad to hear it.