Exiting BigTech eco systems

Wanted to get some advice migrating out of big tech platforms… Email, contacts, data, backup.etc

Start with an alternative like Proton/Tuta… Using Thunderbird to DL all email from BigTech accounts ?
What would be the best alternative to PST files ?


Are you moving out of Windows and Android? It might be helpful to know where you’re coming from to provide more detail.
I have switched from Outlook to Thunderbird and find myself pretty effective, especially since the newly refreshed Thunderbird interface. It is highly configurable and very fast to open and search, unlike the old M$ outlook personal data thief. Plus I’ve easily added a PGP Signature to my messages, which helps my clients verify the message came from me.

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After years of Thunderbird on Mac, Windows and Linux I have started playing with Evolution. So far liking the whole package better.

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Out of Windows. But I already run a few Linux boxes/Laptops. What I’m trying to do is exit out of Gmail…etc. I have 40GB of email & it’s very hard to delete in the web based app. I tried Thunderbird & it’s very slow & freezes alot. I want to back up all my email. & be able to Import/Attach to another App. I’m used to *.PST files with Outlook. That seemed like a simple approach. IMAP or POP3 ?

IMAP is better for when you’re utilizing more than one client, as it does a better job of synchronizing changes to your email boxes and it supports more secure connection options, but POP3 can actually download and move your email permanently to your computer.
If that mailbox is taking too long to sync, then you can export all of your mail to an .mbox file from the gmail webapp ‘How to download your Google data - Google Account Help’ and then import it into Thuderbird using the ‘ImportExportTools NG’ AddOn. I have not used this tool, but it is the highest ranked addon for Thunderbird, so it appears to be useful to many. It will let you import the mbox file from gmail.
Are you moving your email to your own email server or simply trying to archive it?


Archive & delete. & access the Mbox with an offline MailApp.
Deleting from native Web-Gmail is very time consuming.
I’ll try that download. Thanks.