Evolution Mail: how to change the size of font in sidebar and message list

Trying Evolution email client out and figured out how to increase the font size for reading the message content, but the font size in the sidebar and message list is too small.

After searching online, I know I need to have gtk.css under the Evolution directory but I can’t find the list of class / object names anywhere online…

What is the best way to fix this issue… I’d like to keep using Evolution…

I would think that Evolution uses system wide font style and size, have you looked under control panel appearance for your distro?

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@MrDeplorableUSA, Pop OS 21.10’s Settings did not offer options to change font and size. I needed to do sudo apt install gnome-tweaks then find the font that works for me. Thank you for the hint about Evolution using system wide font style. :smiley:


Great work! Indeed, when overall fonts are too small, a general DPI change is always the best approach. Especially when you have UHD monitors.

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