Epson Scanner Drivers installation

I’m using Mint Cinnamon. I have a new Epson ET-1370 printer that prints like a charm, but I’m having trouble getting it to scan. The Epson website says they don’t support Linux applications, but they offer downloads of drivers for it. I installed something called “Document Scanner” - using terminal commands outlined on their website (thank goodness for the recent livestream that covered how to navigate directories!) The printer, though, says I need Epson Event Manager software and refers me to documentation, which says absolutely nothing helpful for Linux. I did find another Epson download that looks like it might be it, but the installation looks like a very long script. I’m not sure I could possibly type it all in on a terminal. It’s an ssh file. How do I execute it?

I corrected the title from Epsom to Epson (I think)

If I am following command line instructions for something like this, I always copy and paste it so I don’t screw it up trying to type it in.

You can copy and paste in the terminal? (Love your username, btw)

In my case I downloaded what I think is the needed driver, and one of the filenames is Install.ssh. When I click on it, it opens right up to a script I can read. Talk about open source! What I’m thinking is that there should be some way to run this script without having to retype it. I don’t know how to do that, though.


In order to PASTE into the terminal, most distros require that you press Ctrl+Shift+V, as opposed to the normal Ctrl+V. They do this to prevent any accidental commands that could cause damage to your system.

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Or my favorite approach:
Highlight the text I want and then middle-click it inside the terminal. :wink:

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You can also right click in the terminal and select “paste” from the context menu. :hugs:

True! But too… WindowZzz-like for my taste! :rofl:

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