Epson et-2800- printer setup, no drivers

I have Ubuntu Studio and an ET-2800 Epson printer. The OS currently does not see the printer at all through wi-fi. The support website has a page for Linux drivers, but when I click on one (EPSON Download Center) it says the page is unavailable. Are there generic drivers out there for Ubuntu/Debian distros that I can install? I’ve look through some Linux forums but I’ve not found an answer yet.


Hi @ dotedus I found this page… for 32 or 64 bit
Hope is helpful

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I believe I’ve downloaded the correct printer driver from the Epson website and used the command line to install it. In the directions, I think I’m at 8.4 Starting the Software, but I’m not sure how to do it. I run the command there and receive:

epson-printer-utility: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Do I have to be in a certain directory to run the utility?

Also, if I open the built-in printer software and try to add a printer I see:

How do I add my Epson printer and get Ubuntu Studio to recognize it?

Thanks in advance…

Odd behavior for Ubuntu, it flawlessly found my WiFi Epson 410-XP all in on and even used the scanner/copier section without the Epson drivers.

First, lets make sure your system is up to date.
In a terminal run: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Second post the link you used please so I can see what its asking off you, you are leaving out details here, I’m assuming that it was having you use a .deb and you are also missing a library for their installer/driver package.

it seems from a quick Brave search for Ubuntu Studio points to libqtcore4 which is setup through qt4-x11 which may be the package you’re missing.

Power Cycle the printer, just turn it off and back on, go through the printer options and make sure its connected to your local network and has an IP address stored in its options.

Reboot your computer and look at the “Printer” settings dialog again, not the add new printer and screenshot it, if you try to add a printer without unlocking it you may get the forbidden. Does it give you the option to “Unlock” as in provide admin password any where? I believe it is Gnome Desktop with that so it would be on the main printer settings window, top right, when you first open it.

  • I ran the command line you listed, so that is up to date now.

  • I also installed the LSB 3.2 package before installing any printer drivers because the Epson website said I need that package in place first.

  • Here are the Epson links I was using:
    EPSON Download Center

I downloaded the ESC/P-R Driver (generic driver) for ARM(AArch32) driver (the .deb) thinking that was what I needed. But I installed it and did still did not see any way to install the printer.

  • I then tried installing Epson Printer Utility from the webpage above thinking that it would include all drivers and give me an interface to see what I am doing as I try to install the printer. I read elsewhere that I should use the 64-bit version since my Ubuntu Studio distro is 64-bit, so I chose this package from the Epson Printer Utility download page: epson-printer-utility_1.1.1-1lsb3.2_amd64.deb. I installed it from the command line, searched for the utility, found it in the /opt folder, but it doesn’t show up as an application that I can launch and open.

  • I was able to print out the network settings of my printer, so I see the IP address now and it is on my wifi network. I don’t have the computer connected to it by USB.

  • Ubuntu Studio comes with KDE Plasma not Gnome, so the apps and layout are not exactly the same. Here is how I get to the printer settings. I open the Application Launcher and click on Printers:

Thanks for helping me. I did not think installing a printer would be the hardest part of this transition to Linux.

Ok, I have not ran Ubuntu Studio(but Ubuntu is Ubuntu) an definitely not up to speed on KDE, actually haven’t even ran a KDE desktop since Caldera Linux, possibly unders the second screenshot where it says “System Preferences” may give you the admin capabilities, look under that.

From a terminal can you run uname -a so we can verify your system, I’m guess (ARM)Aarch32 is likely not what you needed, thos processors are not A typical laptop/desktop architectures.

In these Images you can note the arrows for .deb for i386 and amd64 for Generic Print Driver and Utility downloads:

In these to get to the all in one(note on second image 32bit and 64bit):

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Here is my system info:
Linux dotedus 5.15.0-47-lowlatency #53-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Fri Aug 12 15:27:13 U
TC 2022 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Do you mean I should get all three downloads- the generic driver, the utility driver, and the all-in-one? Or just the all-in-one?

The System Preferences drop down you pointed out gives me options to share the printer and add remote admin. However, when I tried clicking on one the system gave me the same Forbidden error again. My user account is an admin account, so do you know why I am locked out of printer admin?

Thanks for your help

I would uninstall the Arch pkg with dpkg first.

Next time you go to open printer setting right click and see if it offers “run as admin” or something like Windows use to do, again I’m not familiar with kde.

If no joy there, i would pick the generic print driver to start with.
Install it with dpkg, if it fails due to a dependency, don’t fret.

Use sudo apt install the failed dependenc(or more then one listed) then rerun the dpkg install.

I used the Software Center to download the KDE Plasma Desktop printer configuration module:

I connected my Epson printer to my computer with a USB cable and the module found the printer. However, when I try to print I still get a few error messages:

I now have two printers (the second appeared after I restarted) and if I try to remove one it asks:

My user login has admin privileges, and when I put that in it does nothing. I did install the .deb version of the generic printer driver you mentioned above and found how to open up the CUPS configuration app in my browser. But it also says I am Forbidden to delete these printers. I was able to print a few test pages and even a .pdf earlier, but now I receive this message:

Any ideas?

I was trying to follow these instructions:

One was network discovered and one was USB discovered.

Idk what the Plasma desktop printers is, probably someone else printer manager user interface program. You really only need the one that came with Ubuntu Studio.

At this point, I would shut off and unplug the printer completely from the computer/laptop.

Remove any packages you added including the Epson drivers as well as remove the printers from the lpadmin.
sudo lpadmin -x EPSON_ET_2800_Series_USB
sudo lpadmin -x EPSON_ET_2800_Series

Use sudo dpkg -r packagename to remove or better yet use sudo dpkg -P packagename to purge it and any configuration files.

Logout and back in, check the printer manager to be sure no printers are listed.

Decide whether you want it to print via network or via USB.

After you get all those removed, reboot and make sure your up to date on your system again with sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade -y if necessary to update any packages. You can also run sudo apt autoremove to clean out unused packages

Since I do not see the printer listed under Epson at you will need to install their driver, Install only one since you have a scanner copier printer use the all in one utility. Delete all others.

You will need to extract it and install the extracted package
Again not familiar with KDE so from terminal

cd Downloads
tar -xzf epsonscan2-bundle-
sudo dpkg -i epsonscan2-bundle-
``` IF you are unsure of package name just start typing epson and press tab it can complete matching file names up to their difference

Any complaints of missing dependencies can be resolved with 
*sudo apt install missing_lib missing_lib2*    Multiple missing can be space separate and done all at once. You can then rerun the sudo dpkg -i packagename

Plug the printer in how you want to use it either Networked or USB your choice. Power it on, if networked you may need to reboot for it to find the networked printer(or logout and back in), USB "should" come up automatically.

Check your Printer manager for printers.

Long but  let me know how it goes.

Thanks for the explanation. I removed the drivers and added the all in one utility. However, I removed the system settings for the printer so I had no print manger to go back to and open to see if the printer showed up. However, I then discovered this forum page about Ubuntu Studio:

I installed the print manger with “apt install print-manger” like it says and the print system settings option was back. The printer was already there and now works :blush:

However, when I click “Add Printer” it still tells me “Failed to get a list of devices: ‘Forbidden’”. I’m not sure if the all in one utility made it work or the print-manager install from the forum page or both. But, it works now. From the forum it says that the KDE Plasma installation does not include a print utility. Perhaps the one I had that came with Ubuntu Studio was not the right one or didn’t come with the right drivers?

I appreciate your help with this. Somehow we cleared up the problem. For my next trick, I’ll be creating a Nextcloud Hub 2 server according to Vasileois’ workshop on the LMS. The whole reason I restarted this project on the printer was so that I could print out the .pdf instructions he posted with the workshop.


Yeah if the printer was back in there there was no need to add it again.

You had a Print manager before you add the kde plasma print manager, you posted the pics. Wonder if the plasma one you installed, uninstalled the print manager. actually since there was no printer it may have been cleaned if autoremove felt it was not needed. doesn’t hurt to get a fresh install of something.

Glad that it’s working for you, good luck on the Nextcloud Hub!
Happy to help.

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