Entering BIOS on iMac with Windows keyboard

I have successfully installed Mint on my 2010, 21.5” iMac. Had to use a USB Windows keyboard because Mint didn’t recognize the Mac Bluetooth keyboard. Everything runs great. I tried to install VirtualBox and it requires me to enter the BIOS to turn on virtual capability. However, with the Windows keyboard, I don’t know what the keys are to press during startup. FYI - Window+ALT+F+O does not work.

Hey @MattS - With it being a Mac, you’ll likely have to press the same button as when you initially installed Mint. Usually the Option / Alt key.

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What @SBHX says is correct.
In general, the Windows key is equivalent to your Mac’s Command. Also, yes, the Windows Alt key is your Mac’s Option. :slight_smile:

The Alt key is my boot option selector menu (internal HD, bootable USB, bootable Optical drive, etc.), not the BIOS (UEFI for my iMac) menu.

Indeed. Macs function quite differently than PCs. All their additional options lay in the Command+R combo and are stored within the main boot drive.

Command+R does allow me to access the terminal. Can the virtual option be enabled using a terminal command line function? Or, can the UEFI be accessed from the terminal using a command line input?

What are you trying to achieve?

I am trying to “enable” “Virtuality”. Without doing so, VirtualBox will not recognize any other virtual machines that I try to run

I take it you’re running Virtual Box on your Mac, correct?

I did a full install of Linux Mint. Mac OS is not on it anymore

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I’m thinking I may have to reinstall MacOS, make the change in the UEFI with the Command+OPTION+F+O function at startup then reinstall Linux

Have you been able to enter the firmware on your Mac before? The reason I’m asking is that the Intel Macs have the NVRAM/PRAM reset function instead, which comes via Command+Option+P+R.