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In moving from Big Tech to my own email server which I am not ready to set up yet (more to learn), - as an interim step, I am wondering what you all think of OX (Open Source), for email hosting? When I snagged a domain from Namecheap, I used their link to set it up a free (60 days) OX hosting account, but am unsure if they really have solid privacy since they seem to be popular on androids. I have it working on my Ubuntu (IMac), IPhone, and Ipad and was able to download my ICloud contacts to my Dropbox and then import them to both Thunderbird and OX on the Ubuntu box. Are there other alternative options or should I just get moving with my own server/VPN? Suggestions/comments welcome.

Hello @verbeckjer!
I am not certain if you’re on the LMS group, but I’m preparing a course on building a full-fledged server, which includes Wordpress and email server. Both hosted on your own VPS or home server (though the latter will need some port-forwarding from your router).

Hosting your own email server has a few hoops you’ll need to jump, such as port unblocking, correct DNS records for better deliverability, and a few checks you may need to do to see if anyone abused your VPS’ IP earlier and got it blacklisted (in which scenario, you might need to contact the services manually).

I haven’t personally heard of OX, so I will check it out, thank you for the tip!

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Thanks for the speedy reply Vasileios. It is Open-Xchange and may be a related company of Namecheap. They were founded in Germany and are in Italy, Netherlands and Finland and brag about open hosting boarders and great pricing. I am able to move my calendars, contacts and my newly hosted email between my Apple devices and Linux box somewhat easily using their Webmail server. I will need to pay after 60 days, but if they have support then not too pricey.
I am a paying member of the LMS group and will definitely plan to to take the VPS/home server class.

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They definitely look good, though I haven’t tested them personally. If their systems work for you, then it can be a good option!

Due to their nature, they could be partnering with other companies, such as NameCheap, though I doubt they’re part of the same company. :slight_smile: