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Since I’m and entrepreneur, I have my own hosted website with personal domain emails…I have been using Outlook for years for business. Is there a good alternative to use with Linux? I have proton account, but prefer something similar to outlook. Does anything exist? Any recommendations?

I’m in the same boat and tried a couple of different programs since migrating a few weeks ago. So far, I found that Evolution is the closest thing to Outlook and I like it better than the default Thunderbird. It requires an add-on for exchange services but once I set it up, running multiple accounts with massive amount of email data, it’s been working great and its junk filter is superb.

I’m also new to Linux though, so curious to see expert responses on here in case there’s anything even better.

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Thanks for your response @smilexsr17 . I was on Telegram and there is a good thread on email I was looking at. Going to give thunderbird a try, since I have my own domain.

Separate question for you. How do you post a question to the Telegram group? Much more engagement there…but they seem like forwards.

Replies to Jeffrey’s Telegram posts automatically feed into his “JP’s technology chat” Telegram channel where all the discussion takes place. I follow both.
You can pose a question either by replying to the relevant post or typing it in directly on the chat channel. (The post replies may have higher chance of getting noticed)

ok…thank you! @smilexsr17

Hey Jeff.
I also used Outlook at various jobs.
I’ve used Thunderbird since version 0.3! When it got to 0.5, I told my boss about it. It was a small business of about 14. We switched over to Thunderbird. That was around 2004? maybe. It worked fine. At the time, the calendar feature was not good.

I am a sole proprietor and still use Thunderbird with my own domain. The calendar is greatly improved. There is a way to sync PC calendars with mobile phones via WebDAV. It handles what I need. But it’s not nearly as polished as Outlook for sure.

I would have gone with Evolution. But I wanted an application that worked on Linux and Windows. I have switched operating systems three times. Getting ready to switch back to Windows. I have not looked recently to see if the Windows port for Evolution works now. When I reviewed it, I did like it very much. I probably should take another look.

Now, I have a question. What is the reason for using Proton? Features, security?

Thanks @benhamin . I dl thunderbird and I’m using it. I think it will work just fine. I mainly use proton for personal… signing for for services/spam account etc. don’t want to get a bunch of marketing spam to our business email, although it seems like we get a lot of spam anyways. I may close proton and set up separate email on my domain for personal/spam filter. Not interested in using many third party services from big tech anymore or at least I’m trying to gain as much control as I can.

Hi. Sorry for the late reply!!!

Thanks for letting me know about how you use Proton.

At one time, Thunderbird had a great SPAM feature. You could manually set up rules to delete SPAM on the webserver before it hit your computer. It was replaced with their current feature. It has nice rules settings and is suppose to “learn”. You can add addresses to your contacts and it’s suppose to help. But SPAM is worse than ever.

I sync with my iPhone, it’s SPAM function is terrible. Even with addresses in contacts, it keeps moving things to SPAM after I take the out. I’m not a fan of technology trying to help me. I’d rather have control. I still prefer the Palm Pilot days when you managed YOUR data on YOUR device. No cloud. No algorithms.

And that’s whats nice about using Linux. :grinning:

Anyone have any idea Evolution is constantly asking for email password?

I was using Kubuntu and it never did this. Switched to Manjaro, and I have to put email in 2 or 3 times every time I access email.