Easy Option?

Hey, I’m new here and looking to start moving all my websites and businesses off the big guys, and onto some services I can depend on, and trust.

I want to start with a simple website for a new line of business. Just signed up for an account with AmericanCloud, but cannot immediately see what I should do to spin up an account for web hosting.

I created a new VM with Ubuntu and can log into the console. Is there a step by step guide to setting up a web server (Apache?) and installing whatever tools I need in order to start setting up websites in this server?

Or, are there people who have a business of helping us do this type of thing?

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Did you order the Web Hosting Account or Cloud Compute ?

A web server is a collection of services often called a LAMP server (Linux, Apache,MySQL, PHP).

  • L=Operating System
  • A= HTTP server
  • M=Database Server
  • P=Code base)

On a Mac this would be MAMP, Windows; WAMP.

Get started with LAMP applications

If you have set up an UBUNTU VM you can install the LAMP bundle

sudo tasksel install lamp-server

or perhaps spin up UBUNTU server instead of Desktop.

WordPress is a great way to get started and if American Cloud offers a WordPress package that would be the “Easy Option”. WordPress is a LAMP solution.

JeffPro LMS has many WordPress detailed tutorials.

Let us know how much you understand the above details and the type of web site you’d like to create so we can help you more effectively :wink: