Easy, cheap way to learn Linux without abandoning current daily driver machine

A quick and easy tip for anyone dipping their toes in the water with Linux, but not having much extra desk space, try out a USB switcher, they are $20-30 bucks and mine came with all necessary cables to hook up 2 computers to 1 keyboard/mouse and 2 extra USB ports for thumb drives, external drives, etc to share.

This has made life incredibly easier for me to test drive Linux computers and still maintain my current daily driver machine (Windows 10 junk which I absolutely hate, especially after using Linux for a couple months) for critical daily tasks such as banking, email, and running a small business.

I purchased something similar to this: https://www.amazon.com/Selector-Computers-Peripheral-Switcher-One-Button/dp/B0936YQNTM/ref=sr_1_9?dchild=1&keywords=usb+switcher+2+computers&qid=1634079993&s=industrial&sr=1-9

It’s completely plug n play, no external power needed. Now I’m switching between an Ubuntu laptop and my desktop with one button, piece of cake. No need to juggle multiple keyboards anymore.

Enjoy! Hope this helps someone out.

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Thank you so much for posting this!
Yes, KVMs are a true convenience when space is limited for many peripherals. Great call!

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I can’t wait to save more pennies to buy a dual monitor hub!

Dual monitors with up to 4 computers is what I’m shooting for, looks like they start around $130 and up quickly from there, but talk about a great way to jump around your devices with ease.

Thinking a MS machine for ‘fall back’ plan if I get into a bind, my main Linux (Ubuntu or Debian), my Ubuntu laptop, and say, another terminal for RP4’s with Kali, Rasbian, etc for network testing and whatnots.

Thanks! So many great choices, loving the Linux freedom.

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Indeed! Years back, we used to have a render-farm (starting at 8 systems) hooked up to a KVM, single monitor, keyboard and mouse.

As for the MS fallback, you know you can run Windows at near native speed from VMware Player. :wink:

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