DVI ADPCM notice needed

i am trying to upload voice recordings to ubuntu -latest version with the jelly fish logo. it says “cant open file needs DVI ADPCM, look for it in the app store.” it says the app looking for is not found. what app can i use to upload from a digital voice recorder to laptop?

Try VLC, though irc an article just a month ago about some drm stuff with Ubuntu?
Jammin Jellyfish may be the culprit.

Install VLC and try opening with that. I believe there is an entry option with VLC as well, though i can’t be certain while on phone.

Yes, VLC does more the videos LOL

Hi well its dl but won’t propagate at all and the same notice for dvi pops up. I was looking for a video tutorial but can’t find any on communist utube. any idea why it’s not engaging the file? I was looking for entry option but not even sure what i am looking for…thx!!! ps love your avatar :slight_smile:

Check out Audacity. That may do it.

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